The Lil Flip No Jumper Interview

Lil Flip’s first No Jumper interview!!

0:38 exotic pop

2:09 growing up in Houston

3:20 getting into battle rap

10:15 meeting dj screw

10:55 being a 3rd-degree black belt

12:00 meeting dj screw cont

16:07 being exposed to bad stuff at a young age and drinking lean and parting

19:55 making different types of music like EDM

22:14 Megan thee Stalin and southern rappers having bars

23:03 internet haters

24:06 signing to a major label

27:37 the game-changing with streams and new rap game

28:17 releasing the first project with Columbia

30:13 quitting making street money

31:52 media training

34:55 being apart of the rise of southern rappers and linking with New York rappers

39:54 working with Camron

43:23 dj screw passing

46:23 working out going to the gym

52:08 program arts over drugs to help kids create and make art

55:49 having 2 kids

56:37 painting

59:18 working with new people and helping their career

1:02:19 trump

1:03:55 Paul wall

1:05:46 balancing life and drugs

1:09:05 spinning rims coming back

1:15:00 final words

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